We develop cost-effective venues that have unique designs and use only the best materials.

Project Management

To ensure high quality and effective communication, we insist that our project manager remains in constant dialogue with the client, designer, supplier and production team. That is how it works with us.


With our machines, our construction materials regularly include wood, plastic, steel and aluminum. Just tell us what you want and how you want it. Nothing is impossible.


When comes to professional painting and finishing coats, we have all of your high- or low-pressure needs covered – everything from old kitchen cabinets to hand-painted, air-brushed automobile bonnets.

Screen Print and Film Application

We offer print and signs any form: large-format printing, banners, graphics for your vehicle, outdoor signage, laminating, framework and textile printing.


Our guys are versatile and flexible. They are Värmlanders who exude and attitude of “no problems – only solutions.” And when we have more ongoing projects than we have men, the large network of global, freelance contacts we have developed over two decades means we can accommodate any number of large-scale installation or removal.


At our spacious facility, not only do we have our workshop, but we also offer storage space for customers’ trade fair materials as well. This provides for a flexible system that makes it easy for everyone to track of inventory and turn around for the next project.


A trade fair participant requires timely delivery. We handle it either with our own trucks or with specific partners who specialize in logistics for trade fairs and exhibitions. Värmland is centrally located in Scandinavia and close to a major international shipping port for destinations anywhere in the world.


In Värmland, we live close to nature. Our trade fair constructions are built with eco-friendly materials, we have developed an efficient recycling system and we reuse materials whenever possible. We do what we can to protect the environment.

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